Trend to Watch: Sweetie Darling!

Desserts in jars? Yes, please.

First there was cupcake hysteria courtesy of Hummingbird Café in ‘Sex and the City’ then Jason Atherton opened Pollen Street Social, a restaurant with its very own dessert bar. Now a pop-up restaurant has just opened in Soho called The Pudding Bar. It’s all about desserts; café style during the day and then puddings matched with wines in the evening.

Our Taste Test research has shown 19% of the UK prefer sweet flavours, yet stickies are often an after-thought on a wine list.  Sweeter boozy flavours can also be added to an offering using a grown-up version of an affogato, the traditional coffee and ice-cream Italian treat.  Adding in a cognac or rum offers a touch of the new and exciting as well as offering a profitable add-on sale. 

To find out more about how sweeter flavours could enhance your drinks list, contact us.


30th July 2014

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