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training beer imagesOur newly-launched beer training programme.

While the craft beer trend is expected to keep rising in the UK and beyond, staff knowledge and confidence is often much lower when compared to wine. With this growing need, we now offer beer training aimed at empowering and enabling staff to sell more and better.

The popularity of craft

Year on year growth for craft beer in the UK is up 34% and while there is no official UK definition of ‘craft beer’, the buzz words surrounding it are probably the best description: local, artisanal, authentic.

Although becoming more mainstream thanks to the likes of Wetherspoons and Aldi, the craft trend is expected to keep growing: in the US, craft beer accounts for 33% of all beer sold. Here in the UK that figure is just 3%.

A recent article from the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) shows that, despite the growth in popularity of craft-brewed beer across the board, the majority of restaurants in the UK “don’t put in the same effort when it comes to beer as they do when selecting their wine list”.

Craft beer drinkers: interested and experimental

This means that they are willing to pay a premium, tend to be younger Urban Professionals* – which is good news for future business – and evidence suggests that more women are now choosing craft. These beers are also incredibly versatile when paired with food... Belgian Wit with fish and chips anyone?

Bibendum's beer training

For many, a big part of the enjoyment of craft beer is being able to talk about what they’re tasting, so it’s very important that staff are knowledgeable and able to engage with customers. Our newly launched beer training programme equips your staff with basic knowledge of what beer is, as well as how to taste and talk about it confidently.

A group from Restaurant Associates recently attended the course and training manager Peter Clark-Lewis commented, “Craft beer is becoming more and more popular with our clients and the need for our teams to have a full understanding of this growing trend is paramount. Bibendum’s training gave the team a perfect introduction, with a good balance between theory and tasting.”

During training, staff will learn about the different styles of beer, how to pair it with food and ultimately how to sell more of it. All of this will be delivered in a fun, easy to understand and engaging style by our award-winning Training Team.

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