Top 10 Tips for a Greener Restaurant

Green restaurant tips

Quite rightly ‘Green Issues’ are increasingly on the forefront of people’s minds. Questions arise such as…How can we be more environmentally friendly? How can we make sure our lives and businesses are sustainable? Has my chicken burger been organically farmed?

Sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start. So, having worked with the Sustainable Restaurant Asssociation, I have compiled a list of tips that would help restaurants who wanted to get started down the green route.

First of all here’s what I’d suggest for the Front of House:

1. Check to see if your list includes any ethical wines including organic, biodynamic and Fairtrade and make a point of highlighting them

2. Look into making sure all your tea, coffee and sugar is Fairtrade or Rainforest Alliance certified

3. Why not replace your bottled mineral water with a filtered tap water system (or only serve tap water)?

4. Sign up to the Fair Tips Charter and display your service charge policy

Behind the scenes:

5. Move to paperless invoicing. Most suppliers will be more than happy to e-mail invoices rather than post them out

6. Carry out an energy audit and commit to reducing energy use by 10% (

In the kitchen:

7. Change menus at least quarterly to reflect food that is in season (

8. Use only fish from the Marine Conservation Society’s ‘Fish to Eat’ list

9. Ensure 100% of eggs and milk are free range or RSPCA freedom food certified (

10. Separate food waste for composting or anaerobic digestion (

In following these tips you can ensure a much ‘greener’ restaurant experience for all involved. For more advice check out the Sustainable Restaurant Association website.

Jamie Ford
19th November 2013

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