The rise of the pink and tonic

Pink gins

If there’s one colour that has dictated trends recently, it’s pink. After Pantone named ‘rose quartz’ their colour of the year in 2016, the pale blush colour seemed to cascade down into all other parts of life, including the drinks industry. First it was Aperol Spritz, then frosé and now it’s all about the pink gin and tonic.

Whether the pink is in the gin itself, or introduced through the tonic - or even vermouth - the result is a sweeter and fruitier drink than the traditional G&T, and an easy twist on the ubiquitous bar-call. Consumers still have an insatiable thirst for gin, with the category growing year-on-year, so producers are now branching out to create a point of difference for their products. And it's only just beginning - with a wave of new products coming to market this year, in time for the British summer.

While pink gin is going to be a big trend this year, the tonic is just as important. Primrose Hill Tonic, available in a variety of flavours, is not only a delicious pairing for a pink gin, but also the ideal mixer for tequila, vodka, rum and whisky. The pink grapefruit flavour is our pick for this month - lively and zesty, it can elevate the traditional G&T.


Perfectly pink serves

Gordon's pinkP&T

50ml Gordon's Pink Gin

125ml Primrose Hill Tonic

Fresh strawberries

LariosMediterranean Rosé

50ml Larios Rosé Gin

125ml Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic

Fresh strawberries

Warner EdwardsVictoria's Rhubarb

50ml Warner Edwards Rhubarb Gin

125ml Primrose Hill Ginger Ale

Slice of orange

Belsazar and tonicPink Gin Clover

50ml Pinkster Gin

125ml Fever Tree Aromatic Tonic

Slice of orange


Belsazar and tonicBelsazar Rosé & Tonic

60ml Belsazar Rosé Vermouth

125ml Primrose Hill Tonic

Pink grapefruit slice

Tanqueray pinkGin & Pink

50ml Tanqueray No.10 Gin

125ml Primrose Hill Pink Grapefruit Tonic

Pink grapefruit slice





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12th February 2018

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