The Evolution of Combier

Combier drinksFrom jam to liqueur 

Founded in 1834 in Samur in the Loire Valley, Combier was first set up as a jam factory and shop. However, not all the fruit made it into jars and in the back room, founder Jean Baptiste experimented with fermentation and distillation on a tiny scale. He’d lock himself away for days trying to create the perfect liqueur. Surrounded by his stills and flasks, he was a veritable genius. His recipe for triple sec was so good, so unique, that it hasn’t changed to this day.

It was under Jean Baptiste’s son, James, that Combier liqueurs really took off. Now the shelves of the Combier shop are devoted to liqueurs. In the nineteenth century, when the world opened up through accessible trade routes and travel, spices and exotic fruits found their way to Combier. And so the range changed and grew. Its way of working didn’t – it has always been based on pure fruit, with no added flavours or colours. Fruits are carefully selected, macerated for a long time and lightly pressed to ensure the same quality, artisan products that Jean Baptiste would have been proud of.

Today Combier is most famous for its original 40% Triple Sec, which uses the original 1834 recipe. It won a medal at the first world exhibition in Paris in 1855 and remains unchanged to this day: no colours or flavours added, just the distillation of orange peel. Combier is not just triple sec, however, and we now have access to a range of more than 50 styles of syrups and liqueurs. Clem Eastel, bar manager at Sub 13 Bar in Bath, is particularly fond of the Combier Crème de Mure, which is “not as sweet as alternative brands, with an excellent, full blackberry flavour”.


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20th January 2016

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