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Sustainability is an ever increasing issue for how we all do business.

Having high standards of sustainability and being environmentally aware can not only save you money, but can be the draw that gets customers through the door and returning time and time again. Creating a sustainable supply chain has to be part of the solution, says Jamie Grainger-Smith.

Recycled lights at TED restaurantWhen it comes to running sustainable restaurant projects, there aren’t many more experienced operators than the co-founder of Fifteen, Jamie Grainger-Smith. His projects also include the launch of Acorn and Waterhouse, two eco-friendly restaurants in Kings Cross and Hoxton, London as well as a host of management and consulting roles for some of the country’s top restaurants. His latest project, Think.Eat.Drink has led to the construction of a restaurant, TED, in Kings Cross and aims to be the first restaurant where the construction and running is completely sustainable.

Jamie believes that his restaurant will achieve this by ‘taking responsibility about all facets of running a restaurant... and implement [sustainability] in every area... It’s not just about food or wine. It’s about everything from your tea and coffee to the energy and chemicals. Everyone has a chance to tap into it.’

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Being sustainable is something that Jamie acknowledges isn’t the easiest to implement for operators; he mentions that being ‘sustainable and responsible is still something quite new,’ so much so, that the definition is still quite vague. So part of what he’s been trying to achieve is to create a forum for businesses to become more sustainable economically and ecologically.

There are plenty of operators who have found success through sustainable practices, we spoke to Bumpkin and Ideal Collection in the last edition of Bibendum Times about how they had worked to make their business sustainable. We found that it has been applied differently in each circumstance and this came up time and again with our discussion with Jamie.

It’s been a labour of love for Jamie as he says, ‘That was always the long term vision, to get an accredited green supply chain and then, not only offer them to the industry but also build a restaurant concept along best practice.’ Ensuring the best practice is shareable is something that’s clearly important to the Think. Eat.Drink ‘community.’ The most important goal is, according to Jamie that ‘we can go out there to the industry and say we’re doing this, and this is what works’ as he insists ‘this is still a business.’

Jamie has the challenge of creating a restaurant that is both sustainable and financially successful, if it’s going to be with us long term. All the steps necessary to make the restaurant efficient have been taken, and it seems to be in the best possible position to succeed. Each aspect of the restaurant has been chosen and developed with sustainability in mind alongside the need for functionality. It is for this reason that TED hopes to leave a lasting impression on the UK dining scene.

10th July 2014

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