Team up for Tokyo: our new and improved sake range

Sake bottles lined upAfter 2016's fiesta in Brazil, the next Olympic Games host promises just as much culture and flavour. Japan is home to sushi, soba and – most importantly – sake, an extremely versatile alternative to add interest to your drinks list.

The UK’s sake market is growing. Although actual volumes remain relatively low, the UK is the largest European market or this Japanese rice wine, accounting for 2% of total world exports. To help set the tone for the 2020 Olympics, we’ve got three exciting new sake products.

Waiting Love Sparkling Sake

This is sake with a sizzle. There are a few sparkling products on the market, but these are mostly either surprisingly sweet or off-dry. This sake is considerably drier, refreshing and delicate. It works brilliantly as an aperitif or with oysters and other assorted raw molluscs.

Top serve: The smaller 360ml bottles are perfect for a couple or small group to share, and best paired with some Colchester oysters at the beginning of a meal.

Takashimizu Seisen Futsushu

This is a great entry-level sake to introduce younger customers to the category: well balanced, versatile and accessibly priced. Futsushu can be served hot, chilled or at room temperature – it also works well as a cocktail base. Hailing from Takashimizu, the quality of this sake is outstanding.

Top serve: “I would suggest pouring it at the table in the visually impressive 180cl bottle – if you want to go cheaper, you better go bigger!” Joshua Butler, Bibendum Business Development Manager.

Earl Grey Tea Sake Liqueur

From the Miyagi Prefecture in Japan, this is not your traditional sake but an elegant liqueur with a sake base. Perfect for bartenders making their own tea liqueurs, our Earl Grey Tea Sake Liqueur is a readymade artisanal product ideal for any ‘ice tea’ cocktail.

Top serve: Try it with cloudy lemonade and a splash of soda, the perfect Japanese summer tea. Or if you're feeling adventurous, in Japan they drink this on the rocks with a splash of milk.

See our full range of sakes here.

24th November 2016

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