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Taste Test

What is Taste Test?

A simple straightforward approach to help people discover the types of wine they will love.  The aim is to demystify the culture of wine, help people to find styles that they enjoy drinking and introduce new styles to wine drinkers who are stuck in a rut.

How does it work?

Taste Test is built on 80 years of research into the science of taste and how many taste buds we have. Some individuals can have as many as 10,000 taste buds and others as few as 500, and this affects the sort of food and drink we will enjoy consuming.

Taste Test simply calculates your personal taste profile based on the answer to three short questions and then matches it to different styles of wine that are perfect for you.

What is unique about Taste Test is the way it profiles both wines and consumers, and then puts the two together.

Read more about the history, science and detail of Taste Test.

How is it useful for your business?

Taste Test is specifically designed for people who lack confidence when buying wine in a retail environment.

It can help consumers narrow down the hundreds of bottles in a wine aisle or on a website and focus on the wines they are most likely to enjoy; thus reducing the risk involved in something new and encouraging people to trade up.

We are always open to exploring how Taste Test can be used in the retail environment. If you would like to discuss using Taste Test in your business contact your Account Manager or get in touch.


To find out more about Taste Test, visit the Taste Test website.
6th July 2011

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