Bordeaux 2012: Talking with Thomas Duroux at Chateau Palmer

Chateau Palmer

If Bordeaux is like the Hollywood of wine, during En Primeur week, the cellars are the sets. The tanks are shined to a mirror, the barrels are in perfect rows.

After tasting the 2012 Chateau Palmer in their dramatic tasting room, Thomas Duroux excitedly whisked us away to show us around the new cellars.  As one of the Fine Wine team’s favourite wines, we were excited too.

The attention to detail at Chateau Palmer is evident from the vineyard to even the lighting.

“Guess where the lights are from?” he asked us half-seriously, “Italy – the best lights are from Italy!” A native to Bordeaux (his mother is Italian) he also spent time as a winemaker at Ornellaia in Bolgheri before starting at Chateau Palmer in 2004.

Over the past five years, Duroux has been adopting organic practices in the vineyard and reducing the yields. In 2012, the yields were only 28 ha/l – this is very low compared to other Chateaux on the Left Bank (and last year in a low-yielding vintage, it was even lower, the lowest since the 1961 vintage at only 21 ha/l).

In the video, we ask Thomas Duroux about the lower yields and also talk about his approach to organic viticulture.

Juel Mahoney
19th April 2013

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