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It’s crucial to stay ahead of the curve when gearing up for Christmas and our industry-leading Market Insights team have identified emerging wine trends that will be key for this season. Putting these trends into practice, we will showcase a range of must-stock wines at our September Taste with Bibendum events.

Our cutting edge new data tool ‘Mode’ identifies future trends before they start. Rather than relying on sales data – which doesn’t reveal trends until after they have begun – Mode analyses the latest wine lists from market-leading venues in order to pick up nuances on how the industry is developing. It then tracks these influences to follow how they take hold and spread, enabling us to advise anyone looking to add something different to their list.

You will see Mode in action at our Autumn Tastings, where information gathered from the new tool will be applied through various ‘Trend Trails’.

These will include:

  • A focus on ‘Forgotten Regions’ such as Jurancon, Etna and Minervois, with Domaine Cauhape, Domaine Coupe-Roses, Scala and Tornatore
  • Alternative sparkling wines from England and the New World, with producers like Ridgeview, Josef Chromy and Quartz Reef
  • Premium South Africa will feature prominently, with the likes of Graham Beck, Springfield and Creation
  • Lighter reds – and in particular Pinot Noir – will be highlighted. And it’s not just from Burgundy... Mode has found that New World Pinot Noir is everywhere, with South Africa, USA, Chile, Argentina and New Zealand producing list-worthy wines, increasing by 32% in value this year
  • Aromatic whites will be another focus and wines on show will be from Swinney, Huia, Jean Biecher and more.

Alex Linsley, head of Market Insights, explains, “With Mode we can help our customers create lists that make them stand out from the mainstream. Customers regularly ask us ‘what’s cool?’ as they look ahead to the next big thing – Mode can offer them a definitive answer to this question. It’s not restricted to just the On Trade either.

“We introduced Mode to a premium national retailer recently and they were very interested in the findings. Off Trade sales data just shows them what their competitors have already sold, while Mode data can tell them what’s going to sell in the future, giving them the insight to roll out in their stores when the time is right.”

Mat Bird, marketing director at Bibendum says, “Our events are a great platform for showing what we can do and Market Insight is of huge value. The creation of Mode demonstrates how we can deliver added value that is over and above what our competitors are offering. We can help you create lists that will not only raise your profile as a trailblazer, but also help you sell more as a result of being ahead of the trend.

“The fact that we have selected our product line-up for our tastings based on insight from Mode demonstrates both our confidence in the strength of our data and the quality of our portfolio.”

Click here to find out more about our September Tastings, or contact us to find out how our Market Insights team can help you grow your business.

26th August 2016

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