Sustainability and the Discerning Diner


According to a survey published by the Sustainable Restaurant Association in August 2013, diners' top three concerns are: food waste, health and nutrition, and provenance. 84% of people surveyed wanted restaurants to tell them more about their sustainability.

Sustainable produce, sustainable business

Bumpkin, a four-strong chain of restaurants in West London, have always had a holistic approach to sustainability. Sustainability is the foundation that the restaurants are built on. Speaking to Eat Out Magazine, Bumpkin’s Managing Director Tina English said, 'Our aim from the very beginning was to create a group of sustainable, well-priced British restaurants.' They use a purchasing group to ensure their food prices remain constant, and feature biodynamic wines on their lists. To them, creating a sustainable business model and an environmentally sustainable group of restaurants are part of the same goal.

Keeping things local

Not every establishment will have been designed with sustainability in mind but that shouldn’t stand in the way of making small changes that make a real difference. In addition to sustainable British ingredients on their menu, Ideal Collection, a group of pub/restaurants in Hampshire have worked to create the Ideal Foundation. The Ideal Foundation is a charitable organisation that helps to fund a community outreach project, supported by an optional £1 added to each consumer's bill. Matthew Boyle, Chairman of the Ideal Charitable Trust, said 'The Ideal Collection has always been at the heart of its communities', adding that 'this project is a therapeutic horticultural scheme designed to concentrate and focus on those who have been marginalised by society... we want our participants to acquire new skills that will improve their chances of finding and settling into new opportunities.' Supporting local projects has enabled Ideal Collection to embed themselves securely within the local community as more than just a place to eat and drink, and crucially, it’s incredibly straightforward for customers to support.

Our green team

It's easy to talk about sustainability. It is much, much harder to work it into your business - which is what we've been doing since 2008 when we formed our green team, Vivid. The key factor for us is ensuring sustainablility goes hand in hand with proitability; when a business is wasting carbon, the chances are it is wasting money too. Read more about Vivid and get in touch with us if you'd like to work together to save you money and make the world a greener place.

18th March 2014

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