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France wine map infographicWhile France is having a difficult year in the On Trade with falling volumes (-7%), average bottle prices are rising (+4% this year), indicating a move towards more premium drinking.

Classic favourites such as Chardonnay (-4%) and Merlot (-12%) account for the majority of volume loss, creating an opportunity for fresh styles to influence the market.

Looking beyond current drinking behaviour, our Market Insights team put their latest data tool, Mode, to work in identifying wine trends as they emerge. Rather than relying on sales data, which doesn’t reveal trends until after they’ve begun, we expertly analyse the latest wine lists for over 60 industry-leading venues, from cocktail bars to Michelin star restaurants.

Market Insights analyst, Blonnie Walsh, explains that Mode can help you identify gaps in your list, helping to point towards the must-list wines of tomorrow, while highlighting what your customers are likely to expect from you as trends develop.

“Looking at the changing dynamics in France, we used Mode to identify how current trends might evolve in the future,” she says.


We've put Mode to the test in France:



Current trend:
Riesling rising

Riesling has become a premium option. Its average bottle price increased by 4% in the last year.

Emerging trend:
Aromatic Alsace

Food-friendly and aromatic Riesling and Pinot Gris from Alsace are dominating restaurant lists, very often featuring in the most premium end. Both varieties have also seen impressive increases in overall sales value over the last year, with Pinot Gris up a staggering 122%.



Current trend:
Chablis dominates

10% of consumers say Chablis is their favourite region.


Emerging trend:
Burgundy is expanding

In over ¾ of London’s trendiest lists, Chablis was either passed over for the ‘halo’ listing, or left off the list entirely. The premium spots are increasingly being filled by alternative Burgundian appellations, like St Aubin and Puligny-Montrachet.



Current trend:
White Rioja


White Rioja was identified as a trend in last season’s Mode.


Emerging trend:
Whites from Rhone and Bordeaux


Appearing in almost 60% of the lists we analysed were white wines from traditionally-red French regions. This is mostly led by white Rhone, but we also spotted a number of entries from white Bordeaux and Beaujolais.


Food-friendly and aromatic Riesling and Pinot Gris from Alsace are dominating restaurant lists



Current trend:
All about pale pinks

Provence rosé grew by 37% in the last year, with increased consumer awareness of the region.

Emerging trend:
Provence reds

Provence has been getting a lot of airtime for its on-trend rosé, and the rest of the region is now starting to receive wider recognition. Provence reds are featuring on over a quarter of lists, sometimes even warranting their own section.



Current trend:
Continued rise of Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc grew 9% in value over the last year, with bottle prices up 6%. Chenin Blanc also had a strong year, up 13% by value and 5% by bottle price.

Emerging trend:
Celebrating the Loire

The Loire is enjoying fantastic coverage of its styles beyond old favourites Sancerre, Pouilly-Fume and Muscadet. On more than one in three lists analysed, the most expensive wines came from the Loire. This trend extends to both red and white, with sub-regions Anjou, Saumur and Chinon all getting in on the action.



Current trend:
Lighter-style reds

Pinot Noir value sales grew by 3% over the last year, while that of Beaujolais’ star Gamay Noir grew 139% in value.


Emerging trend: Reds from Jura


10% of UK consumers have heard of wines from the Jura (more than Gavi or Albarino). Now, half of the lists analysed contained wines from this region, in some cases even winning their own section. In last season’s Mode, Jura was dominated by whites, but we are now seeing more reds from this region.



The Loire is enjoying fantastic coverage of its styles beyond old favourites


Sources: CGA, Taste Test, Mode and CIVP

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