March - Just Like the 'Transitional Man'

Spy Valley Vineyard

A friend of mine started dating a guy soon after she ended a long-term relationship.  She called him transitional man – a man to help her forget the pain of the break-up and to ease the meeting of her next true love. The month of March is just like transitional man. It softens the memories of a grey and damp winter as the sun begins to bring warmth that has been forgotten. Yet there’s still a chill in the air and the odd sub 5°C day that really reminds us that spring hasn’t quite yet sprung.

Looking at the menus around London, it’s clear to see that chefs are thinking like this too. Gone are the rich, hearty dishes of winter – the pork belly has been replaced with a Barnsley chop (served with caponata, perhaps) and the venison has been taken off in favour of a char-grilled bavette with swiss chard and artichokes. Just like the weather, there’s more of a balance between hearty and fresh flavours here - a nod towards the lighter food to come but with the cosiness that a roasted or char-grilled piece of meat brings.

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So what to drink?

Something like a Spy Valley Merlot/Malbec could work quite well.  Malbec and meat is a match made in heaven but the softer notes from the Merlot really help to make this a transitional wine, too. Spy Valley only produce a small amount of this wine made from stony blocks on their Marlborough vineyard. With dark plummy fruit on the nose and then cocoa on the palate, it sounds like a heavy wine that would only work with very rich flavours, yet there are bright red fruits and some floral notes to complement its spiciness. 

Transitional in every sense of the word… which is a good thing. You may find your customers enjoy this wine all year round. Three years ago my friend married transitional man. So it turns out he wasn’t quite so transitional after all!

Brenda Kelly
5th March 2014

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