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Springfield Estate

Athough many of our Vivid producers have vineyards that are certified organic or biodynamic, or are certified as carbon neutral, this isn’t the case for all of them.

Many of our producers do wonderful work to protect the environment but choose not to seek certification for variety of reasons.  One of those uncertified but very environmentally aware wineries is Springfield Estate in South Africa.

Springfield is run by a brother and sister team, Abrie and Jeanette Bruwer, and is located on the banks of the Breede River in Robertson.

The Bruwer’s approach is to make wines as naturally as possible. Abrie talks about “terroir being a gift from God inherited from our ancestors” and says his job is to protect the land for future generations.

Pests are controlled by using natural predators. One of the estate’s perennial problems is a hungry snail population that attacks canopies of the vines. Abrie’s solution is to maintain a flock of equally hungry ducks to keep them under control. Abrie’s winemaking philosophy is to do as little as possible in both the vineyards and the cellar – not out of laziness but out of a belief that it is his job to work alongside nature rather than bend it to his will.

Water – a very precious resource in Robertson – is only ever used to irrigate vines that are in danger of dying of thirst.

The estate’s use of natural yeasts means the extensive use of chemical spraying is not an option. Instead, the Bruwer's prune the vines in such a way as to protect the berries from the sun and allow the air to circulate, putting a stop to fungal problems.

Away from the vines, the estate also covers 40ha of untouched Breede River alluvial Renoster Veld which is considered endangered.  This land is adjacent to the farm’s Chardonnay vineyards and could be planted if it wasn’t so precious.

Springbuck, dyker, grysbok and ostriches all roam around the estate, whilst a dam provides a last sanctuary to a host of species of indigenous fish, protecting them from non-native predators.

1st October 2012

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