Silent selling: let merchandising work for you

Wine bottle neck labels designed to grab attentionWant to improve your customer experience while increasing sales? Our Customer Marketing team can help. They recently worked with Laine Pub Company to help increase wine visibility and sales through a promotion of Charles Smith wines.

Dan Hills, sales and marketing director, says, “We’re huge fans of Charles Smith wines and we wanted to introduce these fantastic products to our customers. Not only are they really tasty, they have a fantastic story that we were able to communicate. It was a huge success – our staff and customers have really embraced these wines and our sales of them are still through the roof.”

But merchandising can be tricky and Dan explains that one size doesn’t fit all. “This is true of all the wines on our list and it’s certainly true of the pubs in our estate. Communication needs to be specific to each site and needs to reflect the personality of the pub and the personality of the wine.”

With staff incentives, Dan believes a sense of ownership is crucial – “as is the freedom to be creative. It’s important for staff to decide on the voice they use to communicate with their customers, ensuring it’s not a corporate incentive, but rather a pub-based recommendation,” he says.

Malmaison Edinburgh recently created a striking wine wall at their new Chez Mal brasserie. General manager Stewart Campbell explains that this elegant display of 160 bottles is not only a fantastic eye-catching feature, but also enables them to showcase their vast and varied wine selection. “It has been a resounding success. The visual appeal of a wine bottle is important these days when choosing wine and now our guests can do exactly that,” he says.

Our head of Customer Marketing, Golnoosh Khadivi, explains, “We start by understanding our customers’ objective and by operating as a category partner, we help to shape and influence the sales of focus products. By identifying the consumer drinks behaviour we can provide the right solution for our customers so that they can maximise on the sales opportunity with their consumers. Since we act as an extension to their team, we consult on all the touchpoints: drinks list psychology and design, seasonal promotions, merchandising, digital communication, events, launches, staff incentives and training."


Our top 5 tips:

1. Create a designated new product or seasonal focus space.

2. Improve the visibility of your more profitable and interesting wines.

3. The centre of your bar is where the money is – keep it engaging, clean and well-lit.

4. Group product categories together.

5. Don't forget to run a training session with your staff on the merchandised/focus products.


Sweat your Hot Spots:

In the On Trade, the bar display space is usually a working, practical area for staff. But it should also be designed to sell in order to enhance your customers’ experience, stimulate their purchasing behaviour and potentially increase your sales margin by having the right product in the right place. By identifying which hot spots work in your venue, you can really start to turn up the heat on maximising high profit products.


Typical hot spots include:

• Right hand side of the till.

• If till is on the back bar, use the area above the till.

• Keep your best-sellers on the optic rail.

• A dedicated display area at eye level behind the bar, with quality cues such as fresh fruit and garnishes for your cocktails. Remove any clutter.

• In your fridges, you can either use the ‘Z’ Theory, block by category, group related items together or arrange bottles from small to large sizes.


     The ‘Z’ Theory of bar organisation



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23rd November 2016

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