Sherry in the trade

Tapas dishes

The latest market data from WSTA shows that one in four consumers now drink Sherry, up from one in five in 2011. If that sounds surprising, here are three reasons why it was only a matter of time.

New school Sherry

Sara Bacchiori, Head Sommelier at Chez Bruce, believes this increase is due to “the boom of tapas bars that were the first to push customers to Sherry as a food wine rather than the old lady’s aperitif.” She says that people are more aware of Sherry as an accompaniment to food than ever before. The Sherries at the cornerstone of the tapas boom are a world away from the style associated with “Grandma’s Sherry.” You’ll find Sherry from Bodegas Alvear and Emilio Lustau at these places as the wines work so well with food.

Sherry in cocktails

As Sherry is a fortified wine, it can last up to a week once opened. This means you can easily experiment with it as an ingredient in cocktails without worrying about too much wastage. The flavours and body of Sherry mean it’s fairly straightforward to turn it into a tasty long drink. The simple recipes are often the best. Sherry with lemonade is going down a storm at Barsito, a tapas restaurant in Clapham, while uber trendy wine bar Sager and Wilde have seen their Fino and tonic fly off the shelf. And you haven't tried the Sherry Cobbler, what are you waiting for?

Knowledgeable and passionate staff

For a time, it seemed that in order to “get” Sherry you had to work in the industry. Mark Fairweather, owner of Barsito, concedes that Sherry “is an acquired taste” but a range of Sherries available by the glass means his staff can recommend Sherries to consumers without getting them to commit to buying an entire bottle. If Sherry by the glass isn’t feasible, Sara believes a certain degree of hand selling is required; she says “it is still a niche market that requires passion.” If your staff can recommend Sherry to consumers, you’ll be able to engage this growing segment of the market.

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2nd September 2014

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