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Beetroot Seasonal Vegetable


As the temperature drops, the thoughts of roast dinners and spicy red wines become ever more prevalent, which is no bad thing. Here we take a look at some foods in season and pick out a few wines which let these ingredients shine.



The humble beetroot might not set your imagination alight but when used at the right moment, like a culinary secret agent, it can add an astonishing depth to recipes. Why just settle for a soup when it works so well in a chocolate beetroot cake. This is a delicious and rich cake that’s guaranteed to help keep the chills away, forget dry and boring this will make you forget about the weather and look forward to next season.

For a rich dessert wine match, give this the wine it deserves with the Els Pyreneus Maury. 


When it comes to the colder months my first thoughts are how I can work a bit more venison into my meals. I’m of the opinion that sausages = good, stews = better. The strong flavours of venison really lend themselves to being slow cooked for at least half a day, getting it nice and tender and serving at least 6 people.
Something flavourful and rich is the order of the day for food like this. Paolo Conterno Barolo Riva del Bric fits the bill and then some.


Two great reasons to get some kale in your life this winter:

1. More kale means less sprouts

2. It’s incredibly versatile working just as well as an accompaniment to roasted poultry as it does as an ingredient to something more complex.

For something different, use it as an ingredient to soups as it gives them a bit more texture and bite. Give it a whirl with some smoky sausage along with butter beans and you’ll have a dish from heaven.

‘Tis the season for something special, the Soho Wine Co Havana Pinot Noir straight from Marlborough will have all the elegance and depth to match.

Sea Bass

White fish, allegedly the last bastion of nutritious food but that’s ok, especially when it’s as tasty as fresh sea bass. A good fillet of this or whole if you’re fortunate enough doesn’t need much seasoning, just a few pinches of dill and fennel and then grill away until the skin goes crisp. Subtle and delicate, it’s the perfect foil to traditional winter gluttony.

Go for the Charming Gruner Veltliner and you’ll wish you’d discovered this pair sooner

5th November 2013

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