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Bartenders and sommeliers across the UK are developing a thirst for the Japanese rice wine.

Do you know your Koshu from your Koji? Sake has been quietly creating a stir across the Capital and has whipped up a full-on storm over in New York, so it’s time to sit up and take note of this growing category.  Bibendum have added four breweries to our range, three of which have never been sold outside Japan. Making high quality sake, each of the breweries brings something special.

Niizawa Sake Brewery Co.

The "Haku Raku Sei" brand was created by the young master brewer, Iwao Niizawa, a rising star in the sake world. It's named after the local mythical legend, Hakuraku, who had a magical gift of identifying horses who could run more than 3500km a day. Niizawa's sake is fresh and pure and extremely food friendly.

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Shiraki Brewery

Shiraki Brewery has been producing sake since 1835. It is a very small family-run brewery, specialising  in making Koshu (aged sake). Their process of maturing sake gives the wine a beautiful deep colour and brings out the rich and complex flavour components of the rice.

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Tenzan Sake Brewery Co.

The Tenzan brewery was founded in 1875 and uses the water originating from the Tenzan mountain, which is perfect for making great Sake. The "Shichida" brand was created in 2001 by the 6th generation  owner Kensuke Shichida with the goal to make the best Junmai sake.

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Akita Shurui Seizoh Co.

Located in the area of Akita, which is known as the source of the purest water since the time of the  Samurai. With records of breweries in this area dating back to 1656, small family-run breweries came  together in 1944 to form Takashimizu, named after the hill on which the Akita castle once stood.

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1st September 2015

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