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Estrella GaliciaAlcohol consumption is falling. Fewer consumers are drinking beer in the On Trade. And the generation with the highest On Trade spend are the health conscious type who drink less than any recent generation.

Now although beer is the first choice drink for one in three 25 to 34 year olds (Wilson Drinks Report), this group is also the most likely to avoid alcohol due to health concerns (ComRes- Channel 4 study). The drinking habits of the UK consumer are evolving in a way that we haven’t seen since the early 80s.

Alcohol free drinks lose the stigma

According to a ComRes survey in 2014, 43% of British adults had tried alcohol free beer. A substantial 59% would feel comfortable ordering it in front of friends in a pub, bar or restaurant.  The majority of consumers cite practical reasons for choosing alcohol free beer. Driving is the most likely reason. The second most likely reason? Curiosity. Thanks to changing attitudes to drinking, consumers’ perception of the category has changed completely. Alcohol free beer could prove to be the most important product on your list.

A more profitable solution for you

Estrella Galicia, meaning “Star of Galicia”, was founded in 1906. Named as Spain’s Brewery of the Year, at the 2013 New York International Beer Competition, family owned Estrella Galicia remains in its founding city of A Coruna in the North-West of Spain. An excellent supply of water and hops coupled with over a century of expert brewing gives the beers from Estrella Galicia a distinctively smooth taste. Estrella Galicia 0,0 is their alcohol free beer.

Just like brewing regular beer, there are several ways to arrive at the finished product. Some techniques remove flavour as well as alcohol, others are more delicate and take a little more time. If the result is a better beer then it has to be worth the time. That was what Estrella Galicia saw when they developed Estrella Galicia 0,0. It’s made by interrupting the fermentation, similar to Port only instead of adding alcohol they simply stop the fermentation. Then in order to remove what alcohol remains, they use vacuum distillation. It’s an efficient process that is done with flavour in mind. It means you get an alcohol free beer that tastes better than the competition at a much better price.

And for a gluten free alternative?

Estrella Galicia have now released a gluten free beer made by adding an enzyme that removes gluten at the filtering stage. It tastes just as intense and refreshing as original Estrella, but is perfect for those cutting gluten from their diet. 


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7th August 2015

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