5 mind-boggling facts about Riesling

Riesling hasn’t had the easiest ride in the UK. A victim of multiple crossings and blending in the 1980s that gave us memorable styles such as hock, it’s experiencing something of a renaissance.The good news is residual sugar levels are falling in Riesling around the world as winemakers and consumers fall back in love with this noble German grape.

1) Mature Riesling smells like petrol. In a good way. It’s not down to poor winemaking but actually down to a hydrocarbon known as 1,1,6-trimethyl-1,2-dihydronaphthalene or TDN. Some Riesling fanatics look specifically for this characteristic. But if your customers aren’t used it, probably best to go with something young and fresh.

 2) Riesling is the ultimate test of terroir. Thanks to its light body and low alcohol you’ll rarely find oaked Riesling. That means when you get a good Riesling, you know the winemaker has planted them on the best soils. The debate about terroir will undoubtedly rage on but when you taste a good Riesling, it becomes a lot clearer.


3) Have you tried red Riesling. There is such a thing as red Riesling. It’s a mutation of white Riesling that is still classified as a grape that gives white wine.

4) It’s a foodie’s dream wine. Aside from the obvious match with desserts to sweeter styles, they are also a stunning match to blue cheese. Thanks to its (comparatively) high residual sugar content Riesling also matches incredibly well with spicy food. Anything Asian or Indian inspired is born to go with it.


 5) Riesling makes the best dessert wines. A high level of Tartaric acid in Riesling grapes mean the resultant wines, no matter the sweetness, have a wonderful fresh acidity. In some years noble rot, a member of the botrytis family of grape bunch rots, affects Riesling in such a way to produce highly prized and delicate dessert wines.

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22nd June 2015

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