4 Reasons Why You Should List Sangria this Summer


Sangria is no longer the preserve of summer holidays, as operators are realising that mixing good wines with fresh ingredients creates a winning combination.

According to Mintel research, 18-24 year olds are more receptive to experimenting whilst ordering if the drinks will contain better flavours. Sangria fits the wider trends of the industry towards fresh, sweeter drinks - and you don't need to be a molecular mixologist to make them. Still not convinced? Here's why you should be thinking listing it this summer.

Categories? What categories?

Today’s drinkers can’t be defined by traditional merchandising categories. People can no longer be defined by one exclusive type of drink. As customers become more adventurous with what they drink, wine and beer cocktails have become more widespread than ever before. Sangria is a well-known, familiar option for those who choose flavour over style. Sangria is also popping up in trendy areas of New York, most notably Sangria 46, who have 7 different styles all mixed in-house.

Spanish sun

For a lot of people, Sangria is synonymous with Spain, holidays and lounging on beaches. Using these emotional ties is a powerful tool for building sales. Sangria is not a serious drink, people know roughly what to expect and most importantly, along with other fruity and refreshing drinks, it’s seen as fun. Think of Aperol Spritz as an example of how this has worked in practice. Marie-Therese Dawes, owner of The Roe Deer in Reigate, says she listed Sangria “to bring back happy holiday memories [and] to revisit a classic.” Especially on a warm day, the kind of refreshing, authentic drinks that are popular on the continent suddenly shoot up in popularity.

Your drinks, your way

Originality is something not usually afforded to many, however, there is no hard and fast way to make Sangria. From Cava to red wine, white wine to Cachaca, there are limitless ways to create Sangria without alienating people from what they know. As with any mixed drink, the quality of the ingredients is paramount, and flavour is key. Interesting mixes of fresh fruit will go a lot further in terms of repeat purchase than anything bought pre-mixed. If you don’t have the benefit of a superstar bartender making cocktails from all manner of drinks, a Sangria recipe can offer the next best thing when convincing people to come through the door.

Making money when it matters

No matter what the serve size, glass or jug, the GP is healthy. The marketing opportunities are only limited by how you decide to sell it. The premiums associated with drinks that have been made especially are largely accepted if the quality meets expectations. Don’t be put off by having to make each serve individually, Sangria is born to be made in batches and served quickly. Don’t forget the food matching either, The Roe Deer have “staff that thrive with new food and wine matching challenges” and will be using their Sangria to match with young Goat’s cheese and soft blue cheese, among other things.

We've designed three recipes for Sangria for you to bring some Spanish sun to your list this summer. If you want some promotion ideas, speak to your Account Manager or contact us.

25th February 2015

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