Plonk Wine App

A brilliant new grape variety app for your customers.

Plonk has been created by Bibendum to help wine drinkers discover new and different wines.

Picture a customer in your business. They are a regular wine drinker, obviously interested in wine, someone who reads the back labels and wine lists, but when it comes to the moment they need to make a decision, they default to an old favourite or something on promotion rather than take a risk on something new.

With a little bit of encouragement, you could get them to take that risk and buy a more exciting wine – and now there’s an app that does just that.

Plonk has been created by Bibendum to help wine drinkers discover different wines; to help someone break out of a Pinot Grigio rut and discover the delights of, say, Albarino. The customer gets to try something brilliant and you sell a more profitable bottle. It’s a win-win situation.

How it works

Plonk is aimed very much at digitally-savvy people with a growing interest in wine, rather than connoisseurs who already have an in-depth understanding of the subject. It works along similar lines as Bibendum’s Taste Test by saying 'If you like that grape, why not try this one instead.'

The app has factual and interesting information on over 70 grapes from everyday names including Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc to more unusual varieties such as Bobal, Verdejo and Bacchus.

It lets people search by country, food match or grape name; gives users information about famous wine styles such as Bordeaux and Rioja; and allows users to highlight their favourites and share these via social media.

Bibendum has always been dedicated to making wine as accessible, approachable and enjoyable as possible and this app is a great way to do just that.

Put simply, it’s a fun, beautifully designed, easy to use app that lets people discover more about the world’s most exciting drink.

Using the app in your business

Technology is a fact of life for all businesses these days and you wouldn’t have to spend much time in either a bar or a wine shop to see someone tapping away on a smart phone looking for more information.

Plonk is a great way of helping sell through the more unusual wines in your range by giving people easy access to information about what they taste like, removing the fear of the unknown and empowering them to take the plunge and trade up to something new.

  • List unusual wines and use Plonk to help sell them – put the spotlight on something that your customers have never heard of and increase sales of more profitable wines
  • Support promotions – put unusual wines on wine of the month promotions, meal deals and wine flights and use Plonk to add value to the customer experience
  • Add value to your customers – use a discount code to help them access the App for free
  • Social noise – encourage and incentivise customers to share their new discoveries and highlight your brilliant range
  • Staff training tool – use Plonk to help your staff discover more about your products and how they can sell them


Sam Wheatley - Bar Manager, The Star Inn The City, York

'Plonk has been a really useful training tool whilst opening a busy, high volume restaurant. The staff have found it helpful with regards to recommending particular wines to new customers, and it has allowed them to build up their confidence. The application has also been passed on to customers who are interested in our wines, too.'

Gus Evans - Owner, The Butcher's Hook, Fulham, London

'I have found Plonk to be a really valuable reference tool for supporting staff training - a very user-friendly format.' 


Download Plonk

Plonk is available from the App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone Store.

9th April 2013

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