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Plantation, the rum created by Alexandre Gabriel of Cognac Pierre Ferrand, has had a stellar year.

In the world-renowned Miami Rum Renaissance Festival, the range picked up a host of incredible awards.  Four Best in Class awards and four Gold medals mean Plantation rounded an incredibly successful competition. On top of these outstanding results, at the 2014 Madrid International Rum Conference Plantation 3 star was awarded a Double Gold medal. With these latest awards, Plantation is now one of the most awarded rums on the market.

There’s been plenty of talk about a rum renaissance. According to CGA data, sales of premium rum are up by 11.5%. But for those of us with a passion for the fermented sugar cane, there’s no such thing. Rum never went away.

“If you are looking for a fine example of the diversity of the rum category, then you shouldn't look any further than the Plantation rum range. These award winning rums capture a taste of ‘tropical provenance’ after being carefully selected, blended and bottled by one of the master blenders in the business. Ian Burrell, founder of UK RumFest and Global Rum Ambassador.

Plantation’s heritage is one of the most vibrant of all the rums we’ve encountered. It’s a story of chance meetings, delicious products and passion. The owner, Alexandre Gabriel has since become an outspoken advocate for exceptional rum.

Alexandre Gabriel is a brilliant entrepreneur and a passionate advocate for exceptional rum. The driving force and now owner of Cognac Pierre Ferrand, Alexandre started trading with Caribbean distilleries when he sold them used Cognac barrels to age their rum. On his travels, he discovered tiny quantities of exceptional rum that were usually kept back for private consumption or blended into big brands to add a drop of character.

“Rum is easily the most varied of all spirits... the choice is magnificently wide” Paul McFadyen, Brand Activation Manager at Instil.

He decided to start buying them barrel by barrel, shipping the casks back to Ferrand’s Chateau de Bonbonnet for further ageing in France prior to bottling. The range now includes vintage rums from many different islands as well as several blends, including Plantation 3 Stars - an exceptional white rum sourced from the three best rum islands in the region.

“Many rum cocktails provide an enormously easy way for younger cliental to enjoy dark spirits” Dominic Jacobs, Manager/Owner at The Running Horse, Mayfair.

For the Plantation 3 Stars blend, Trinidadian rum provides an elegant base; Bajan rum adds fruit, spice and richness; and a healthy splash of 12-year-old Jamaican rum adds real depth and complexity. This flavoursome spirit with a hint of dryness makes the best Daiquiri on the planet – and it’s still smooth enough to sip neat!

Here are three cocktails made with the Plantation range. Their versatility makes them the perfect base for any rum cocktail.


Fish-House Punch
By Matt Cowling at Street Feast


25ml Fresh lemon juice

25ml Plantation 5 Barbados Rum

25ml Pierre Ferrand Ambre Cognac

17.5ml Gomme syrup

17.5ml Peach liqueur

50ml Chilled fresh water


Shake hard then strain into an ice-filled tiki mug. Garnish with 2 straws and a flower.

Kummel Toe
By Andrea Melis at Blind Pig


45ml Plantation 3 Star Rum

15ml Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao

12.5ml Kummel

25ml Fresh lime juice

12.5ml Simple syrup

1 Egg white


Shake all ingredients, pour into a coupette, garnish with flaming cinnamon.

Hell in the Pacific
By Dean MacGregor at Trailer Happiness


40ml Plantation Overproof Trinidad 73%

10ml Cherry Heering Liqueur

15ml Homemade pomegranate syrup (reduced and sweetened pomegranate juice)

5ml Molasses

30ml Fresh lime juice


Shake and serve up in a cocktail glass. Garnish with 2 griottes cherries on a stick.

15th September 2014

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