Seasonal ingredients

We outlined regional ingredients as a key trend for 2015. Why? For starters, one of the tastiest benefits of using regional ingredients in your food menu is that they’ll be seasonal. You get inspiration to keep your menu appealing and your customers get dishes packed with flavour. What’s not to love? Here are some ideas for the coming months to get you inspired to create some delicious dishes.


Spring Onions – It’s not often that the name of a food encapsulates its flavour so well. Their soft and mellow flavour is the perfect foil to the rich dishes of winter. If they aren’t accompanying a salad in their raw state then stir-fried is the way to go. Flavours like this will go incredibly well with more subtle wines, think Adega A Coroa Godello.

Mussels – Proof you can never have too much of a good thing, unless you’re allergic of course. A heap of mussels preferably steamed in some kind of white wine or clear spirit and you’re well on your way to seafood Nirvana. If you do cook with white wine, save some for yourself or open a new bottle of Springfield Special Cuvee Sauvignon Blanc for a crisp, refreshing palate cleanser.


Radish – Just in case the post Christmas fads are still around, get a bunch of radishes and braise them in butter. There, that wasn’t so hard now was it. Now you’re back on the wagon and back enjoying the finer things in life, how about a nice drop of Josef Chromy Chardonnay. Lovely.

Lamb – It might be delicious all year round but when Lamb is in season there’s not much that can hold a torch to it. Roasted shanks of lamb have to be up there as a crowd pleaser, thinking about them with a thick gravy and some roasted carrots with a balsamic glaze is one of those things you could happily eat every day for the rest of your life...if only! Good old fashioned lamb calls for a good old fashioned red, St. Joseph to be exact. Le Grand Pompee by Paul Jaboulet should hit the spot like no other.


Crab – Crab is one of those ingredients akin to Marmite. However, unlike Marmite it’s something that given the right dish will win anyone round. There’s so much flavour that for it to really impress you don’t need too many ingredients or skill. Take some al dente Linguine, combine with a white wine sauce with the brown meat from a crab and a bit of garlic, stir in the white meat and hey presto! Instant, sure-fire hit. The Vallado Duoro White will match the sweetness and richness with aplomb.

Rhubarb – The trend for classic Great British food doesn’t seem like it’ll slow down any time soon, and a Rhubarb crumble with vanilla custard is about as classic as you can get for pudding. Don’t cheat, use plenty of butter. Add some almonds or hazelnuts for a modern twist that will really lift the dish. Forget school dinners, this is indulgence at its finest. The Royal Tokaji St Tamas is the perfect blend of incredible complexity and style that would be an ideal match to this.

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11th February 2015

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