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Pierre Ferrand Cognac


Averna, Sicily

Averna is the leading Amaro in Italy and appreciated worldwide. Made to an ancient Sicilian recipe which was created by Benedictine monks using locally grown herbs and spices. The Averna family were passed the secret formula in 1868 and still make the elixir using natural ingredients in Sicily. Averna infuses delicate herbs with roots and citrus rind, creating a delicious liqueur with a full body and smooth taste. Traditionally enjoyed as a digestif, Averna is now commonly mixed in long drinks and cocktails.

Citadelle, France

Smooth, creamy and complex, Citadelle Gin exudes a feeling of reserved class. The gin is produced by Cognac Ferrand and is a blend of 19 botanicals, based on a recipe from 1771, led by juniper with floral, citrus and spice notes. Citadelle is the only gin to be distilled in a gas-fired Cognac copper pot still, which produces a rich spirit with enough complexity and character to hold the 19 botanicals. Each one adds a little extra dimension and creates a gin with inimitable style.

Crystal Head Vodka, Canada

Pure and unadulterated at every stage of its creation, Crystal Head Vodka uses the highest quality sweet corn and the glacial waters of Newfoundland Canada. It is quadruple distilled and filtered seven times, three of which through Herkimer Diamonds. Conceived and created by Dan Aykroyd, legendary actor and musician, the hand-crafted glass skull bottle beautiful and highly desirable.

Fratello, Italy

Produced by the Francoli Distillery in Italy's beautiful Lake District of Piemonte, Fratello is made from toasted hazelnuts and infusions of cocoa, Madagascan vanilla berries and elderflowers harvested in the slopes of the nearby Alps. The ingredient that sets Fratello firmly aside from the competition is the award-winning acacia honey, produced by bees on the local hillsides.

Limoncetta, Italy

On the coast of the beautiful Campagnia region of Italy, on the Sorrentine peninsula, the very best IGP ovale lemons give life to this all-natural lemon liqueur. Lemon zest, water, sugar, sunshine and seabreeze are the special combination of ingredients that create Limoncetta Di Sorrento. This product is 100% natural with no colours or preservatives added, ideal as an aperitif, digestive or cocktail ingredient.

Luigi Francoli, Italy

Luigi Francoli is known for their innovative approach to the production of grappa and for their environmental consideration, becoming the world’s first ever carbon-neutral distillery in 2006. Alessandro Francoli poineered oak ageing, resulting in smoother more approachable grappa, and introduced new ways to ensure that the freshed vinaccia was used, producing highly floral, complex grappa. This dynamic flavour is gaining favour in new cocktail recipes.

Opal Nera, Italy

Opal Nera was created using a secret recipe by Fratelli Francoli, a family owned Italian craft producer. Based on the legend of the black opal, the special blend of natural botanicals include elderflowers, elderberries, Sicilian lemons, orange flowers and liquorice, individally infused and blended with natural star and green anise. The dark exotic flavours excite the palate - drink Opal Nera, become the night.

Pierre Ferrand Cognac, France

In Grande Champagne, at the very heart of the famous 'Golden Triangle', Pierre Ferrand produces some of the world's finest Cognac. Controlling every aspect of the production from their own 114 hectares of vineyards, Pierre Ferrand produced mature cognacs that are mellow, rounded and richly aromatic. Traditional naming conventions are not used here as the ages of its blends are much older than those required to qualify for the sought-after classification VSOP and XO.

Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao, France

Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao is an outstanding orange liqueur, a re-creation of a lost style of Curacao prevalent in the 19th century using the original lahara oranges. Carefully crafted by the experts at Cognac Ferrand, this unique elixir is a blend of Pierre Ferrand Cognac, un-aged French brandy, lightly toasted sugar cane, dried peel of Curacao bitter oranges, sweet oranges and lemons, with a touch of grilled almonds and prunes. The ultimate choice of dry curacao for cosmopolitans, mai tais and margaritas.

Plantation, Caribbean

Each Plantation rum is a perfectly distinct expression of its Caribbean country of origin, its history and its distilleries. Each bottle starts by selecting the best rum from the country, sourcing from multiple distilleries and production styles. After distillation, Plantation rums are aged for a number of years in American oak barrels in warm Caribbean cellars, then transported to the cooler ancient cellars of Cognac Ferrand. The most distinctive feature of Plantation is the application of centuries old cognac ageing and blending techniques giving each rum a unique, soft and balanced finish.


10 Saints

Taking its name from the 10 'Saint' parishes of Barbados, the 11th being Christchurch, 10 Saints combines the island's rum heritage with a brilliant, refreshing lager. Created with a master brewer from the Herriot Watt University Edinburgh, 10 Saints is a premium golden lager with a smooth toasted character. Made using water that has been filtered through coral, after brewing it is uniquely aged for up to 90 days in rum casks from the world's oldest rum distillery.


In 1862 Thomas Cooper, a Yorkshire emigrate to South Australia, brewed a restorative beverage for his ailing wife. This brew, Coopers Sparkling Ale, quickly became so popular that he was able to open a small brewery close to Adelaide. The beer's reputation spread and Coopers ales are now known the world over. Today they remain a fiercely independent family brewer and are the only major Australian brewery still owned by Australians. Bottle conditioned, they add no preservatives or additives and have just built a new eco-friendly brewery in Adelaide.


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