More than Malbec and Mendoza

PasarisaMalbec from Mendoza is synonymous with Argentinean wine and has become a powerful brand, proving especially popular in the UK On Trade. But there is more to this country than its two M’s.

In a bid to showcase Argentina’s diversity, Laura Catena, fourth generation of the Catena Family, created the Pasarisa range to highlight the exciting regions of Patagonia, Salta and La Rioja.

This new wine range, exclusively available through Bibendum for the On Trade, was launched in London recently at an Argentinean ‘fiesta’ in Hyde Park. Laura explains, “Our family set the benchmark for top quality Mendoza 20 years ago and we want to do the same with other regions. We want to discover unique places to make wine, by planting Malbec outside of Mendoza, but also looking at other varieties planted in other regions.”

From the north of the country in Salta the range includes a Torrontes and Cabernet Sauvignon. This region is framed by red mountains and boasts an even higher altitude than Mendoza. Although it is closer to the tropics and therefore warmer, the vineyards are shaded by hills. Most of the food in Argentina is not particularly spicy, except for Salta – an area famous for its spicy empanadas, a delicious match for the aromatic Torrontes.

Moving further south towards Mendoza is La Rioja – a wild and stunningly romantic landscape, with abundant hills providing shade from the afternoon sun. This terroir is perfect for Syrah, which thrives on the combination of sunlight, mineral-rich soils and cool mountainous nights.

Encompassing the vast southernmost tip of South America is Patagonia, the land of extremes. The vineyards here are planted to the centre of the region on a lower altitude, with dry, windy and cool conditions. Patagonia is the chocolate capital of Argentina, so expect loads of delicious chocolate desserts… This remote region also produces the elegant and refined Pasarisa Merlot and Pinot Noir.

The Pasarisa range is about showcasing Argentina’s remarkable diversity and that is exactly what the packaging aims to portray, featuring elements of the country’s geographical and cultural heritage. Laura explains, “Argentina combines the Old and New World. Although technically part of the New World, it has an incredibly rich history and life lived in this country is almost not in a modern world.”

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26th November 2015

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