Millennials Pave the Way for a Beaujolais Revival

With Beaujolais Nouveau Day being celebrated across France, we’re predicting a revival of Beaujolais wine among 25-34 year olds in the UK, based on analysis carried out in conjunction with the Wilson Drinks Report.

Our analysis of wine preferences (carried out September 2014) shows that Beaujolais is a favourite region for 6% of wine drinkers. It is most popular among more affluent drinkers and there are two main peaks by age group. Older (55+) drinkers are the most likely to rate Beaujolais, while another peak can be seen among 25-34 year olds, suggesting that Beaujolais is building momentum with younger drinkers.

This is supported by Wine Intelligence findings which report that Beaujolais is now the tenth most purchased region in the UK (bought by 12% of wine drinkers in the past three months) and is one of only two regions in the top ten to have grown in penetration over the last two years - the other region being Prosecco.

This analysis suggests that the Baby Boomer generation is still drinking Beaujolais, as these older consumers developed their taste for Beaujolais wines before the ‘Nouveau craze’ of the Eighties when producers began to over produce sweet and simple Beaujolais styles. These styles of wine fell out of fashion in the Nineties, but as fashions rise and fall, and the memory of the Beaujolais Nouveau heyday is drifting further away, it is not unexpected that the experimental Millennial generation is discovering the region and liking what it finds.

Mark Riley, Sales Director at Bibendum, says: “Following the “Nouveau craze” of the Eighties, Beaujolais wine developed a negative reputation among consumers who associated Gamay-based wines with the slightly sweet, simple light-bodied wines that characterise Beaujolais Nouveau. Beaujolais wine has seemingly been suffering from the backlash ever since. But Beaujolais has moved on since then and the quality and value coming from the region is exceptional. It is therefore hugely encouraging that consumer interest is on the rise among a generation of consumers who are approaching the category with no preconceptions.”

20th November 2014

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