Can you make more from premium favourites?

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Our new On Trade Market Insights tool monitors every wine and every price on every list for over 100 of the UK’s biggest eating-out and drinking-out brands. It enables us to analyse pricing and listings by country, grape, region, price, tasting note and serve, and fits with our other unique data sources to provide a more complete picture of the market.

Alex Linsley, head of Market Insights, explains, “Your customers might be happy to pay more for a premium favourite like Kiwi Sauvignon. Maybe you need to sharpen up in certain areas to stay competitive. Or perhaps you could free up some space on the wine list to bring in something new and exciting, like Albarino.

"As with all of our tools, this one can be applied in different ways with the same goal: to work together to provide the best drinks offer for your consumers, enticing them to come back for more.”

While the top four varietals make up 42% of ‘by the glass’ listings, On Trade volume sales are actually declining for the majority of these. Boost your ‘by the glass’ sales by including exciting alternatives that are gaining ground in the On Trade and have a higher average price.


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30th November 2016

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