How Market Insights can help you target consumers more profitably

Plats du Jour

If you don’t know what draws customers to your site, how do you ensure they keep coming back? Our Market Insights team have identified four main motivations for today’s consumer. 

Specific and Special

The majority of consumer choices are being shaped by increasingly specific desires. Based on the success of specialist restaurants like Bone Daddies or Honest Burger, it's clear that many consumers go out to eat with a fixed idea of what they want. But that's just one side of the trend – the rise in all day dining sites, from breakfast through to dinner, ensures indecisive consumers are always catered for at whatever time they choose. The rise of brunch deals, think Roka Canary Wharf or Bunga Bunga in London also shows the kind of success that can be achieved by making an event or occasion for your site.

Secret Surprises

Increasingly we've seen risk-averse consumers looking to trusted operators to provide unexpected treats. More of us than ever before research our leisure purchases before committing – 90% of us research our holidays before buying (SDL). Once consumers have “de-risked” their decision of where to go they expect the operator to go the extra mile to impress them. The MEATgroup (MEATmission, MEATliquor etc.) have begun listing items on their menu “off list” that you can only find out about through Twitter.

 In our increasingly experience-driven culture this gives them status stories to impress others (One in eight adults online regularly post about food on social networks or blogs (Hartman Group). Making consumers feel special is the key.

Building Relationships

Self-aware shoppers are increasingly conscious about what brands they consume say about them, leading many to become fanatical about some brands while denying the significance of others

Studies have shown that 87% of consumers worldwide want meaningful relationships with brands (WPP Brandshare study) and there are plenty of examples of consumers getting excited about their favourites – Starbucks Pumpkin Spiced Latte has its own twitter account, the Uncover booking app found that 76% of the UK like to stick to our favourite places. This means the kind of “mid-tier” spin-off brands like Barnyard. It's also worth noting the rise of the big name chef spin-offs like Ollie Dabbous’ Barnyard or Marcus Wareing’s Tredwells.

Hooked on Health

Health is now a major consideration for consumers and has led many to re-evaluate their lifestyle choices (alcohol consumption per capita is down almost 20% in the last decade). And the increase in technology has provided clearer insights into consumer concerns – 28% of smartphone users have recent tried an exercise, weight or health tracking utility (Hartman Group).

The Hartman Group’s research is showing that consumers are taking an increasingly broad definition of health, encompassing food provenance and balanced eating.  Successful operators will help consumers make smart choices – whether that’s persuading them to trade up on the nights they do drink or offering fresh, vibrant spritzes, sangrias and other alternatives to their usual glass of wine.


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25th July 2015

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