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Wine on tapFaster serves, more compact, no spoilage and more profit. These are just some of the advantages to using wine on tap. Launched to the On Trade just over a year ago, we catch up with some of our early-adopting customers to find out what they think.

Mexican street food chain Wahaca is no stranger to innovation and the success of wine on tap has resulted in the concept being rolled out at their new site in London’s Kentish Town. Creative design and branding is key to wine on tap’s success and our in-house team helped create eye-catching tap design and fun neck tags for their carafes.

For General Manager Matt White there are a number of reasons why they decided to go with wine on tap – “it has a lower environmental impact, as there is less wastage from packaging; less storage space is needed; there is less chance of wine spoilage; and service is arguably better suited to our informal structure.” With 39% of the UK’s wine drinkers saying they are interested in recyclable  drinks packaging, the wine on tap Key Kegs are ideal. Containing around 27 bottles of 75cl wine, these are fully recyclable and weigh only 1kg, the same as a single Champagne bottle.

Aidan Clark from North London pub the Gipsy Queen agrees, saying “draught wine from Bibendum fits our business model and ethos as it adds interest and colour to our wine offering, maintains the quality of the wine and therefore reduces wastage. It has a significantly lower carbon footprint than bottled wine, which is an increasingly important factor for both ourselves and our customers.

While wine on tap is proving very successful, Matt admits that not everyone is keen on it yet. “I think it is a cultural issue. We are used to wine in bottles and generally don’t like change. However, a little persuasion is all it takes,” he says.

For more on wine on tap, see this previous article, or contact us.

21st June 2016

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