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Consumer PortraitsBibendum’s newly launched Consumer Portraits

Drinks sales, particularly wine, have historically been driven by product. However, if we’re serious about creating more engaging drinks experiences, we need to know what different consumers expect and desire.

Our Market Insights team have developed a brand new segmentation of the UK drinks market. These newly launched Consumer Portraits identify and group together similar UK drinkers, revealing their location, spend and preference. 

Relevant and actionable, our Consumer Portraits can help you identify precisely who is driving drinks spend in your business. Our Market Insights team can also use this information to help develop an ideal wine range to fit your customers, as well as a programme of activation to drive further sales.

Engage your consumers and increase sales – contact our Market Insights team to learn more about how to apply our Consumer Portraits to your business.

Consumer Portraits

2nd December 2015

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