Jetting off to Seattle

Jet CityWashington vintner and all-round rock star Charles Smith recently opened Jet City in Georgetown, Seattle – the largest urban winery on the west coast.

Comprising two stories, 32,000 square feet and 21 foot tall doors, Jet City occupies a former Dr Pepper processing plant, with the runways of Boeing Field visible across the road.

In an article on Wine Spectator, Charles explained that buying this building was purely about winemaking. Their K Vintners and other high-end bottlings will be produced here, starting with the 2015 vintage. “Before, we were making wine at three different facilities in Walla Walla. I’ve always needed to consolidate everything I was doing in Walla Walla and then realized it made sense to move it all to Seattle, where we could reach 100 times the number of people we could in Walla Walla.” Literally taking the wine (and winery) to the people.

He explained, “I have the tools, the tanks and the space to be single-minded about it. We were using three facilities to accomplish what we can do in one.” Designed by Olson Kundig Architects, this facility also caters for visitors, offering two tasting rooms, as well as a commercial kitchen and enough floor space for special events. He told Wine Spectator: “I’m not a restaurant, but there will be food. I can use it for business events and rent it out for community events.”

After months of preparation, they celebrated this exciting new development in true rock star form – by hosting a huge party with over 1,600 attendees, eating, drinking and rocking it out. And it’s not over yet… the “official” grand opening party and ribbon cutting will take place on 12 August, so keep an eye on Twitter to catch a glimpse of these festivities.

Want to see what Charles Smith Wines and Jet City is all about? Check out their latest video

13th August 2015

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