How Plonk Can Help Your Business Grow

Since we launched Plonk, an innovative app to help consumers discover new grape varieties and wine styles, the response has been fantastic.

From LA to Shanghai consumers are trying out Its uses aren’t just limited to consumers though.  Plonk can help you build wine sales.

Research from Wine Intelligence suggests that 73% of consumers are willing to try new wines. So how does Plonk help them? It’s based on varietal, one of the most important factors when it comes to buying wine, so navigation is straightforward. Moreover, Plonk takes them on a journey to new and exciting wines based on their preferences, so consumers are always able to learn more if they choose. 

Plonk can be used as a means to support your staff. It can give them confidence to suggest wines that match dishes on your menu or to upsell to more profitable wines by giving in depth descriptions of wine styles. If you’ve got a specials menu that changes regularly, Plonk’s food matching capability will ensure the matches will work without having to open the bottle.

At the Trout Hotel in Cockermouth,Cumbria, Plonk features alongside food and wine matches to help  their customers to explore different wine styles.

Plonk gives us a tremendous amount of information on consumer buying habits. Our Market Insights team analyse all this data so we can tell you what customers like in your area

Our insight analysis of the data identifies how consumers respond to different wines around the UK.  For example if you’re looking for a fresh, aromatic white for your list in Manchester, Albariño is a great choice, Plonk users rated it 5/5.  However, it wouldn’t be such a great choice in Brighton where Plonk users only give it two stars.  Brighton’s imbibers are much more likely to prefer Picpoul de Pinet or Grüner Veltliner: they give full marks to both of them.

We use this knowledge to design wine lists that include varieties that your customers are most likely to enjoy. It means you get an interesting wine list full of sure-fire hits. When your list is filled with styles that consumers will enjoy, they’re more likely to go for a second glass – and a second visit. 



Use Plonk in staff training. If you list wines where the grape variety isn’t obvious, use Plonk to give your staff interesting facts to tell your customers.

Don’t stop at Front of House, getting your Back of House to use Plonk will ensure every member of staff knows how the food and drinks menu work together.

Don’t have a sommelier? Use Plonk for its descriptions of wine styles to highlight wines on a blackboard in the restaurant or to spotlight a new wine.

Use Plonk to help you decide a wine of the month. Your account manager can help you find out which varieties are trending in your area.

Encourage your customers to use Plonk to explore your wine list. It will help them try new wines without leaving their comfort zone.


Speak to your account manager about how our market insight team can help with your wine list.

2nd January 2015

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