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Frustrated at not making quite enough money from house wine sales? Maybe tight refrigerator space means journeys to the stock room are all too frequent. Or you want a custom brand for your site, something that customers can’t get anywhere else. Wine on tap means you get all three. What’s more, you make added profit on products at a lower selling price to customers, without a drop in quality. Wine on tap makes business sense. 

More profitable 

It’s simple: wine on tap makes you more money. It’s down to economies of scale. You can take delivery of more wine in a more compact container. Instead of over 27 bottles of wine in your stock room, you need only one 20 litre slimline Key Keg. There’s less packaging, which means the savings made along the supply chain are passed on to your business.

Free up space

Without cases and cases of wine clogging up your fridge, you’ll be able to bring more premium products to the floor. If your fridges are in view of your customers, they’ll see more of the good stuff, which can prompt higher spending. And stockroom visits will become less frequent. There’s nothing worse than having to repeatedly leave the floor on a busy Friday.

Speed up your serve

Compared to opening, measuring, closing and replacing a regular wine bottle, wine on tap is lightning fast. It’s the Usain Bolt of the service world. And as anyone at the top of their game knows, small improvements are the secret to top performance.

Musketeer wine company

Brand new Branding

Because it’s supplied in a keg, you can label the taps exactly how you’d want. Design not your thing? You can use our Musketeer Wine Co. branding, or let the design team create something original, compelling and beautiful.

No spoilage  

Unlike a traditional keg which forces liquid out by coming into direct contact with the gas filling the keg, Key Kegs use pressure around the wine. The wine is bottled directly at the producer’s facility in a non-reactive 20 litre alufoil bag inside a recycled PET slimline keg. It’s inert, so doesn’t interfere
with the final serve, and the wine is just as tasty as if you’d had it from a bottle. The wine stays fresher for longer – once you’ve tapped the keg, it’ll last for four weeks. Much longer than a bottle of your house wine. 

Even when full, it’s substantially lighter than steel and once empty it weighs a mere 1kg. These kegs can be recycled with your regular plastics – no need to keep them for collection. 

Varieties are king

The choice of grape varieties is where wine on tap comes into its own. If you want to offer a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, French Pinot Noir or Italian Sangiovese at prices far below your competitors, you can. If your Malbec offer isn’t up to scratch, our keg Malbec from Mendoza is here to help. It’s important not to alienate core consumers with difficult varieties. All those sourced for our wine on tap range are chosen precisely because of their popularity. So you won’t have to worry about unpronounceable grape names.

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20th January 2016

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