Get Your Veg On

Bowl of vegetablesFavourite veg and wine pairings from two top London chefs.

As consumers become more health conscious, their love for vegetables is increasing. More than this, the once-considered 'radical' conversion to veganism is becoming more and more common; "[Veganism is] the biggest growth area in food right now - as vegan dishes and menus move from pop-ups to fine dining, and from street vendors to supermarkets," says CODE magazine (Spring 2018).

And it's no longer a niche food trend either - pop-up Veggie Pret is a prime example of the public's hunger for plant-based foods, having opened as an experimental pop up in 2016 and now boasting three permanent shops and an expanded range in every non-veggie Pret.

Vegetables are also taking centre stage on restaurant plates. While consumers still love a burger or American-style grill, vegetables are taking a more vital role with major chains like Wetherspoons introducing veggie menus across 900+ sites.

We asked two of our customers to pick their perfect vegetable and wine matches – some classic, some not so classic…

Get Your Veg On

 Wine/Veg pairing

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