Gaja Masterclass at Bibendum Artisan Tasting

Gaja Masterclass

Gaia Gaja joined us at our 2012 Artisan Tasting in Soho last month to present the first vertical tasting of their Ca’Marcanda wines.

The wines have an unmistakeable Italian structure of tannins and acidity, with a joyous and luxurious feel. The tannins are seamless and are reminiscent of the great wines of Piedmont – they have a Barbaresco sensibility crossed with an unmistakeable Tuscan character.

It would be too easy to call them Super-Tuscans like their famous neighbours in Bolgheri, Sassicaia and Ornellaia – although compared to some other Super-Tuscans, they are perhaps more Italian than international in style.

Flight 1. Promis IGT Toscana Gaja Toscana

2003 Promis IGT Toscana Gaja Toscana

Floral notes with a rich expression and excellent acidity considering the vintage. The freshness and acidity is amazing – the Bordelaise would be been jealous.

2006 Promis IGT Toscana Gaja Toscana

Brighter fruit on nose and fine tannins, warm and luscious on palate, smooth and full-bodied, mouth filling with an excellent length on finish.

2010 Promis IGT Toscana Gaja Toscana

This is the most balanced and there is confidence in the Bolgheri style. Richer fruit with more Sangiovese expression in this vintage.

Flight 2. Magari IGT Toscana Gaja Toscana

Magari means “you bet, you wish” in Piedmontese dialect. Magari is sourced from white and brown soil and it has a rich and deep expression.

2004 Magari IGT Toscana Gaja Toscana

This is one of the most celebrated vintages in Bolgheri. Intense joyous fruit. Good fine tannins on finish, few minutes of length, good lick of licorice flavours subtle. The chalky tannins are reminiscent of Piedmont’s great nebbiolo.

2007 Magari IGT Toscana Gaja Toscana

This is a warm, velvety and full-bodied wine with Cabernet Sauvignon expression at the fore. Excellent structure to hold opulent fruit.

2010 Magari IGT Toscana Gaja Toscana

This is very elegant, perfumed with a brilliant freshness reminiscent of the Italian herbs of lemon verbena. It is an excellent expression of typical Bolgheri.

Flight 3. Ca’Marcanda DOC Bolgheri Gaja Toscana

This is the top, flagship wine of the estate with production limited to 20,000 bottles to keep quality under control. There is a significant step up in quality here and the wines get into their stride after six or seven years.

2000 Ca’Marcanda DOC Bolgheri Gaja Toscana

This is the first vintage produced. Animal and medicinal, it is quite intense but good freshness to the fruit in check. Like entering a night club with heavy velvet curtains - and that sense of adventure and amazement. Not a celebrated vintage, it was almost as warm as 2003, but with ageing it has developed more personality.

2006 Ca’Marcanda DOC Bolgheri Gaja Toscana

Good intensity balanced by this freshness, with intense fruit which could completely overwhelmed the wine under lesser hands than Guido Rivella. It is salty and spicy like caramel ice cream.

2009 Ca’Marcanda DOC Bolgheri Gaja Toscana

Velvety, lush, smooth palate – it is the very best of this part of Italy. The wine feels indulgent and full of joyousness. Excellent aftertaste, this shows a satisfying amount of luxe.

Juel Mahoney
6th June 2012

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