Gaia Gaja Talks About Ca’Marcanda Gaja Toscana

Gaia Gaja Ca'Marcanda

Gaia Gaja joined us at our Artisan Tasting in Soho last month and we caught up with her after the masterclass to ask about the project and why Piedmont’s most famous family had decided to make wines in Tuscany.

Can you tell us the story behind the label?

“It’s a very dramatic label... It took inspiration from what, for me, is the symbol of the Bolgheri village. If you come to Bolgheri there is a long road connecting Bolgheri village to the seaside – a 5 kilometre road – planted with cypresses to the right and left. It’s a massive work that a noble family called the della Gherardesca family did without seeing the result, because these plants take a very long time to grow.

If you put yourself in front of the road, you will see the big cypresses near you in perspective becoming smaller and the sky becoming bigger again. That is the inspiration that we took for this label.

Today we were tasting the 2006 Ca’Marcanda and the old vintages, including the first vintage ever produced, the 2000.”

What was your father’s dream?

“We have been in Bolgheri since 1996. It was an idea of my father (Angelo Gaja). It was his dream to create something totally new from the beginning – which is something that is very difficult to do in Italy. In Italy, you inherit, or it is something you buy that already exists.

Ca’Marcanda is the idea and dream of one man, my father. He wanted to choose the land he loved, to plant what he wanted, how he wanted, and make a winery after 40 years of experience as he always dreamed to have. And he came out with Ca’Marcanda.”

How are you finding Tuscany after Piedmont?

“I am happy there. It took me a little bit to fall in love, actually. It was not the same for my father. I grew up in Barbaresco in love with Nebbiolo, thinking Barbaresco is the best place in the world – maybe it is the best place in the world! – going down to Bolgheri seeing a different nature, different culture, different varieties, everything flat – when in Piedmont with all our hills… it took me a little bit  to understand the point of Bolgheri.

Well, now if someone in the family has to move down to Toscana and needs to live near Ca’Marcanda I’m going to raise my hand – I want to be that person! It’s paradise. I work there with a big smile. There’s an incredible light. Everyday there’s…  just brightness; we live 5km from the seaside. There’s a great bright light. Then, there’s the incredible nature; that is something missing from Piedmont a little bit… huge thick woods, and you’re between the sea and the woods, making the wines and it is a joy and I hope that you will enjoy the wine.”

Juel Mahoney
24th October 2013

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