Introducing Fiorente


This year sees the arrival of Fiorente, a new elderflower liqueur, just in time to ride the wave of the popularity of Prosecco and mixed drinks like the Hugo.


From the foothills of the Dolomite mountains, a new cocktail is about to take the country by storm. Building on the growth of demand for all things sparkling and our love of elderflower, the Hugo blends prosecco, elderflower liqueur and soda water with fresh mint and lime to make a thoroughly refreshing drink. It's a cocktail that has exploded in popularity right across Europe. From chic cocktail bars in Berlin to the ski resorts of France you'll find this drink being served by the gallon.

Fiorente has been designed with bartenders in mind. It has less sugar than other elderflower liqueurs currently available to make our perfect Hugo, the Fiorente Spritz. 

It’s made with wild elderflowers grown in Piemonte, by the experts of Francoli Distillery, who have been hand crafting spirits since 1875. Fiorente is vibrant in colour and delightfully floral, offering the perfect touch of weight and sweetness to the Hugo cocktail. With its light, delicious flavour and a healthy GP to boot, it’s a winning combination for 2014.

It is 20% abv, available in 70cl bottles, as well as 50cl bottles.


Our Perfect Hugo... The Fiorente Spritz

25ml Fiorente Elderflower Liqueur
50ml Prosecco
50ml Soda Water
10ml Lime Juice
Mint Leaves


Muddle the mint and lime juice, then mix
with the other ingredients in an ice-filled glass.


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28th May 2014

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