EU Allergen Labels: What You Need to Know

Putting allergen information on food and drink labels is nothing new. The difference now is that this information must be freely available to customers.

What’s happened?

From 13th December 2014, the European Food Information Council policy concerning allergens becomes EU law. This means any pre-packaged food or drink prepared after this date must clearly display allergen information. At Bibendum, we have asked our suppliers to display allergen information on all products since 2012. Any product that contains cereals (gluten), eggs, milk and/or sulphites, has the prerequisite information on the back label of the product.

What’s changing?

You must be able to answer any consumer queries regarding allergens. Information on allergenic ingredients must be prominently displayed or made clear to customers so that they can speak to staff to find out more. For example, if you don’t have signs around the bar explaining which products have allergens, there must be something clearly displayed that says customers can speak to staff about allergens.

What you need to do

It’s not as complicated as you might fear.

You don’t need to reprint your wine list just yet. Ask your account manager for a disclaimer sticker to support your staff. It says, “Wines on this list may contain sulphites, egg or milk products. Please ask a member of staff should you require guidance.” This will ensure your wine list adheres to EU law – and you won’t have to reprint your list. Although you will have to ensure your staff is confident about which wines contain allergens.


If you have any further questions about these new requirements, don’t hesitate to speak to your account manager or contact us.



15th December 2014

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