Drinking Brazil - get ready for Rio 2016

Drums at festival in BrazilWith the 2016 Rio Olympics taking place this year, we explore this South American country's vinous offer.

The spotlight is on Brazil this year, so what better time to discover the world of Brazilian wine. This vast country ranks just behind its near-neighbours Argentina and Chile in terms of area under vine, but only a small proportion (about 10%) is planted to vitis vinifera. While Brazil produces most modern wine styles, it is their sparkling white wines that are best known and most exciting.

The Viva Brazil restaurant group is a great flagbearer for this country, with Brazilian wine accounting for over 25% of their wine sales. Andy ldrich, managing director, says, “It is great to see that Brazilian wines are leading in terms of sales, going up against traditional favourites. While our customers often need a little persuasion to try the wines, they are generally surprised at the quality and taste when they do.”

Fazenda is another successful Brazilian restaurant, with sites in Liverpool, Leeds and Manchester. Tomas Maunier explains, “People sometimes look at Brazilian wines with some scepticism, but once they try them, their faces light up as they have discovered a brand new quality wine region. The wines pair excellently with our grilled meats and afford customers the opportunity to enjoy the full Brazilian dining experience.”

Bibendum producer Miolo is currently the largest exporter of fine Brazilian wine. Miolo first planted vines in 1897, so it is far from a young winery, but continuous modernisation has taken place through the years. Their aim is to craft a range of sparkling, red and white wines with Old World character, but also with their own unique Brazilian twist.



Brazil also produces many aromatic wines – see our article on aromatic white wines for more.


30th June 2016

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