Digital Engagement is Key for Today's Guests

Hotel LobbyRepeat business is earned through great experiences. This is one of the conclusions drawn from a new study by MCD, the digital customer experience agency, on how digital engagement can increase loyalty towards hotel brands.

This study found that 70% of travellers are influenced by a well-designed website or app when deciding where to stay. Those who felt that a well-designed website or app had a strong impact on their decision making were also twice as likely to consider service or customer experience as a top priority when choosing a hotel. This implies that the two are now intrinsically linked.

74% of travellers would relinquish personal information if it could streamline their stay. The examples stated in the report include information such as dietary requirements and newspaper delivery. Further to this, 80% of travellers consider it important that they are able to set and share their preferences in order to have a personalised stay.

As e-commerce, and now m-commerce, continue to be embraced by the consumer it is up to us in the service industry to meet these shifting demands. While this study is based on a sample of US hotel guests, it will only be a matter of time before these views are shared by those in the domestic market.

Ryan Fuller
17th March 2014

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