Creating the Right Wine Lists

3 steps to creating the right wine lists for your customers

A wine list shouldn't just be list of wines that is simply something else to hand over with the menus. If done well, your wine list can drive increased profits and margins by influencing what your customers order.

A brilliant wine list needs to meet the specific tastes and demands of consumers in your area, be written in language that will encourage people to buy, and use smart design to drive sales.

1 - Understanding Local Customers

Our unique Market Insights division has engaged with over 25,000 consumers to build up the best possible understanding of UK wine drinkers. Using their data, the team can analyse the overall market situation, and find out which wines consumers want to drink, in any postcode area in the country.

As an example, we’ve been working with a pub in London N1, helping them understand their local competition and what people in their area want to drink.

Here's what we found out about the area...

Creating wine lists

2 - Using Smart Design

Very few people read a wine list in the same way that they read a book.  Our eyes jump round the page as we scan for key words or something that grabs our attention.

An intelligent, sales-focused wine list uses smart design to highlight the products that will deliver the best sales results.

3 - Choosing the right words

Language is key to the success of a wine list. Take a look at the tag cloud below for the words that are favourable for consumers in London N1.

Creating wine lists

21st November 2013

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