Two Breweries, Six Craft Beers. Lots of Flavour.

Flight of beers

With sales of Craft Beer increasing by nearly 8% in 2013, this is a category that continues to offer interest to a wide range of consumers. In addition to our beers from Beerd Brewery, Portobello Brewing Company, Chapel Down and Meantime, we are now working with Brains Craft Brewery and BrewDog.  Both of these breweries are not afraid to experiment with ingredients in order to produce top-quality flavoursome ale. Here's a whistlestop tour of the six beers our buyer selected from these two breweries to join our rapidly expanding portfolio.

Brains Craft Brewery

Brains Craft Brewery occupies a small corner of the Brains brewery - think of it more as the experimental laboratory where all manner of hops, malt and yeasts are combined giving delicious results. Our buyer chose some beers from Brains’ cornucopia of brewing knowhow worthy of joining our latest additions. We’re introducing three to our portfolio. Here’s a quick rundown of the styles:


Atlantic White

Atlantic WhiteA Belgian-style Witbier using US hops. It blends the best citrus character of wheat beer with the refreshing aromatic quality of American hops. Summit, Simcoe and Cascade hops are brewed with freshly crushed coriander seeds and Curacao orange to give the beer a zesty and spicy character. It’s got one heck of a finish and is arriving just in time for summer.

Bragging Rights

Bragging RightsBased on a style of beer called ‘bragawad’ which was enjoyed by the flagon in ancient Celtic times. Sweet and spicy is the name of the game. Honey is blended with nutmeg, coriander, cloves, black pepper, cloves, cinnamon and ginger. Classic English hop varieties, Fuggles and Goldings, are used to give a light, modern and refreshing beer. Some of the best ideas are rooted in the past.

Barry Island IPA

Barry Island IPAThe most ‘usual’ of all the craft beer range from Brains. Most consumers are now familiar with the kind of refreshing hop character that befits the IPA style. This is just how an IPA should be: bitter and smooth with a decent whack of citrus. American hops give it that all-American flavour that is a proven hit with customers and industry-types alike.



If that wasn’t enough, our range will be bolstered by the appearance of BrewDog. There isn’t much left to say that hasn’t already been said about these ‘punks’. Their PR tactics might not be to everyone’s taste but their beers certainly are. One of the first breweries to package IPA in ‘mini-kegs’ (or cans to me and you), their approach has been refreshingly different and entertaining to say the least. Three products from BrewDog complete our roster:

Punk IPA

Punk IPAIn the words of BrewDog: ‘a post-modern pale ale,’ and it truly is. Classic malts are booted into the twenty-first century with some fruity hops added to give an uplifting character that is bang on trend. Think tropical fruit on the nose and a sharp, bitter finish on the palate. A modern classic.

Dead Pony Club

Dead Pony ClubThe Portman Group may not be happy with the slogans but the beer is all good. It is one of the lighter beers in terms of alcohol in the BrewDog range but it’s had plenty of hops added for a real citrus, fruity punch.

5 a.m. Saint

5 a.m. Saint

Dry hopped and then some! The use of dry hops after fermentation means the delicate aromatic oils aren’t lost in the boiling process, and gives the beer an incredibly fresh aroma profile. With notes of lychee and orange, it’s as crisp as you might expect with a much lighter mouthfeel than other ruby ales we’ve tried.

If you're interested in listing any of these beers, speak to your account manager or contact us.
2nd June 2014

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