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The brewery was founded by Thomas Cooper, who emigrated to Australia from Yorkshire in the mid 1800's. Having originally only made beer as a tonic for his sick wife, Thomas opened a small brewery close to Adelaide in 1862. Today Coopers is still owned and managed by the 4th and 5th generations of the Cooper family, and despite a move to a new brewery in 2000, Coopers maintain the same approach to brewing as it has done since 1862.

With the beer market dominated by big multinational brands, Coopers remain fiercely protective of their small scale brewing processes and independence, a real point of difference to the majority of widely available beer.

Production & Brewing

Coopers Brewery produce a range of beers, lagers and stouts, but it’s their Sparkling and Pale ales which are most commonly known within the UK. The beers are still produced by following the original recipe with a unique yeast culture which has been cultivated for almost 100 years by the Coopers family. Their approach to quality at every stage of the process reminds us of several of our wine producers, after all you can’t expect the best product if you don’t start with the best ingredients.

The hops (Pride of Ringwood from Tasmania) and malt (finest Malting Grade from 2 row barley from the Yoke Peninsula in South Australia) are used in both the ales.  The difference between the Sparkling and Pale Ale can be attributed to the proportions used and length of fermentation.

The traditional production process at Coopers leaves the beer unpasteurised and deposits some yeast in the bottle meaning fermentation continues, gives the beer the well-known cloudy appearance and naturally carbonates the ales. This is a style of beer that requires drinkers to roll or turn the bottle to incorporate the yeast before pouring into a glass.

To ensure the bottle conditioned ales are in perfect condition, in Oz each bottle carries a ‘Best After’ Date in addition to the usual ‘Best Before’ date!

Tasting Notes

Coopers Brewery produce a range of beers, lagers and stouts, but it’s their Sparkling and Pale ales which are most commonly known within the UK.

Coopers Sparkling Ale 5.8% ABV

With the first batch of Coopers Sparkling Ale produced in 1862, the old ‘Red Label’ is an Australian icon. It is characterised by its cloudy sediment, and distinctive balance of malt, hops and fruity characters. Slightly higher in alcohol than the Pale Ale, with a floral and fruity aroma with hints of burnt toffee on the palate and a good creaminess. What a beer!

Coopers Pale Ale 4.5% AbV

This one is more of an easy drinking, refreshing beer. A traditionally made, bottle-conditioned Ale, which has over the last decade inspired a new generation of ale drinking in Australia. Fruity charactersistics balanced with a crisp bitterness…however less bitter than many ales produced in the UK.

Green Credentials

Coopers has strong green credentials, a new environmentally friendly brewery opened back in 2001. The brewery uses advanced energy recovery systems, acquifer water recovery and purification systems, plus, the plant generates electricity for sale back to South Australia’s Grid network. They are also actively involved in and sponsoring of a South Australian ‘wetlands recovery’ project

This approach has cemented their position as industry leaders when it comes to caring for the environment.

22nd November 2013

Company No. 2550982 | 109a Regents Park Road London NW1 8UR | Call: 0845 263 6924 | AWRS Number: XVAW00000101595

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