3 Reasons To Chill Reds

chilled red wine

If you're in Spain this summer and drinking red wine, it's more than likely that it will be cold. While it may be a little optimistic to expect a Spanish summer, the average UK room temperature is a far cry from the optimal red wine-drinking temperatures of between 12 and 18 degrees.

Here are three reasons why it's time to make some space in the fridge:

1. Red wine drinkers spend more

We know consumers’ habits change based on the weather. On hot days they seek out something cool and refreshing which are not attributes normally associated with red wine.  What's more research has shown that red wine drinkers stay longer and spend more when visiting bars. A chilled red is a great way to diversify your offer and appeal to these important customers.

2. Red wine drinkers don't switch to rose

According to the Wilson Drinks Report, 50% of red wine drinkers avoid white and rose and only drink red. There is an established red wine drinking demographic that switch to other drinks categories as the temperatures rise.  Give your customers something that they know and like, and see the benefits in your till.

3. Tapas and cicchetti are booming

Pair cool reds with food for an authentic European tasting menu. The trend for small, tapas style dishes is showing no sign of slowing down. Enhancing the fresh fruit flavours and crisp acidity of red wine, chilled reds are a great accompaniment to the likes of salamis and fritti di misto.

When looking at what reds to chill it’s important you consider wines that aren’t too tannic to begin with and have lots of bright, fresh fruit flavours. Beaujolais and light Italian or Spanish reds are perfect for the job. Give the Fleurie Cave de Fleurie or Lambrusco Secco about 20 minutes in the fridge to really kickstart your summer offer.

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12th June 2015

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