Cambalache - One Night in Argentina


The return of Cambalache, the successful wine tasting run by Wines of Argentina, is something we couldn’t help but get excited about.

Carola de la FuenteThis year, tickets sold out in record time so we spoke with Carola de la Fuente, European Brand Ambassador for Catena Zapata, to find out what makes the event so special and her tips on where the most authentic Argentinean experience can be found.

Why do you think Cambalache is so popular?

I think Cambalache shows the the spirit of young people in Argentina. Everyone gets to experience our music, our art, our food and most importantly our Wine. Wine has been part of our culture for such a long time. In Argentina, we love to be together with friends and family, it’s something really important for us. Cambalache takes all this authentic spirit and gives people a taste of it.

What’s your favourite part of the tasting?

When the people comes with empanadas for Malbec!

In the UK, where do you think serves the most authentic Argentinean food?

It depends on what you’re looking for. If you want a proper Argentinean dinner with a serious list of  wines, Gaucho is just perfect.  If you want something that you can eat on the go, Empanadas in La Porteña in Borough Market are super. Sometimes, when I’m with friends and I want delicious food, I’ll go to La Constancia in Bermondsey as their grilled steaks are amazing!

Why do you think Malbec has become so popular in the UK?

It’s delicious, that’s why! I think in UK has become so popular for the ability and versality for matching dishes. You can drink Malbec with almost anything: Pasta, pizza, or meat. Any option will be fine, and you are sure you will enjoy it!

What’s your favourite food match with Malbec?

Of course our famous “Asado” [A traditional Argentinean barbecue] and Empanadas are an amazing, traditional match as it’s what we mostly drink it with at home, but a piece of dark chocolate with a glass of Malbec is one of my favourites.

What’s the next big grape variety for Argentina?

I think Cabernet Francs and Chardonnays in Uco valley, these varieties have so much elegance from the cool climate found in this part of Argentina. They are grown in slightly different terroir to Malbec and have a huge amount of complexity and minerality.

What’s your favourite wine from Catena?

I love Catena Alta Malbec, because it is the perfect blend from vineyards at high altitude, from 850 metres in Lulunta to 1475 metres in Gualtallary.

30th April 2014

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