Brazil... Here we Come!

With the Rio Olympics just around the corner, Brazil will be firmly in the limelight in 2016. To make sure that you can add some truly Brazilian flair to your wine list, we have some exciting new wines to introduce from Miolo Wine Group.


The Miolo Wine Group

The first plantings on the Miolo plots were in 1897, so this is far from a young winery. In the 1970s, they started to plant international grape varieties and then began to sell under their own label in the 1990s. Modernising their production was carried out with the assistance of Michel Rolland who helped them cut yields and introduce modern techniques in the vineyard and acquire the latest technology for the winery.

Miolo have proven that a focus on crafting wines with old world character and their own Brazilian twist is a recipe for success. Their focus on classic grape varieties unconstrained by complex and outdated quality laws has meant some genuinely ingenious blends and styles. Their commitment to supporting the growth of quality Brazilian wine is unmatched, Miolo are currently the largest exporter of fine Brazilian wines. Claudio Martins, Wine Shop Manager at New St. Wine Shop in central London believes that, "Brazilian winemakers are beginning to understand consumer needs and that consumers are now perceiving Brazil to be much more than caiparinhas and sambas."

While many New World producers in South America rely on irrigation to grow vines, Miolo's vineyards  can be farmed entirely naturally. The resulting wines therefore reflect the terroir in a truly authentic way. “The scenery in Serra Gaúcha, down in the south in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, is almost like Alba in Piemonte,” says Andrew Shaw, Head of Buying at Bibendum, “You look out of your window and there are rolling mists in the valleys and the vegetation is quite European.” 

Brazil In Numbers

Brazilian Wine and The Consumer

There is no doubt that Brazilian wine is still a new concept for the UK consumer but with the world’s attention heading that way for the Olympics, it seems like the perfect time to enthuse your customers about the vinous strengths of this country. A few of our customers have been doing this for some time and speak of the need to engage the consumer to encourage sales. However with a little interaction, sales have been flying.

People sometimes look at the Brazilian wines with some scepticism but once they try them their faces  light up as they have discovered a brand new quality wine region. The wines pair excellently with our grilled meats and give customers the chance to enjoy the full Brazilian dining experience.”

Tomas Maunier, Fazenda Liverpool.

Andy ldrich, Managing Director of Viva Brazil Restaurants sees Brazilian wine accounting for over 25% of their wine sales. “It is great to see that Brazilian wines are leading the sales on our list, going up against traditional customer favourites such as Chile, Spain and France... Our customers need a little persuasion to try the wines and when they do they are really surprised at the quality and taste of the wine.”

Highlights include Miolo Family Vineyards Tannat, Miolo Lote 43 - a handpicked Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon blend, and not forgetting the superb sparkling Miolo Brut Millesime.

6th February 2014

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