Boca Loca

Boca LocaBoca Loca, which means Crazy Lips in Portuguese, is an authentic handcrafted cachaca that has just joined the Bibendum spirits portfolio. It is made from the first pressing of sugar cane grown from the foremost region of Brazil and fermented using a unique yeast strain from 17 different fruits. The flavour profile is smooth, full-bodied and fragrant with hints of melon, coconut and most importantly, a strong scent of sugar cane – the single most indicative quality of a premium cachaca.

Cachaca is most at home in a Caipirinha. The national cocktail of Brazil is the perfect blend of simplicity and refreshment. All you need is cachaca, lime, sugar and ice. We went to Viva Brazil in Liverpool to see how it's done.

18th March 2014

Company No. 2550982 | 109a Regents Park Road London NW1 8UR | Call: 0845 263 6924 | AWRS Number: XVAW00000101595

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