An Interview with Gianluca Bisol

The Bisol family has been farming land in Prosecco for hundreds of years. What the Bisols don’t know about Prosecco isn’t worth knowing. We spoke to head of the company, Gianluca Bisol, about why he thinks Prosecco is so popular, his plans for the future and of course, whether he has any favourites.


In the UK, Prosecco is incredibly popular. Why do you think that is?

Prosecco is a very successful sparkling wine because it has a good balance between the price and the taste. The taste is very easy, people can enjoy it without too much fuss. Sometimes when you drink Champagne, for example, you need the occasion because it’s quite unique. When you drink a bottle of Prosecco, it’s very informal. It’s a wine you can drink a lot without too many problems or headaches.

How would you describe Cartizze to someone who just thinks of Prosecco as one catch-all term?

When I describe Cartizze, I say that if you like anything about Prosecco, you can find it 100 times more in Cartizze. It’s the highest vineyard in the area and rich in particular minerals which permit us to leave the grapes on the vine for the longest time of all our vineyards without losing acidity. Normally you have to harvest early so you don’t lose acidity. So from this hill, the juice brings a lot of flavour and quality characteristics. Due to the popularity of Prosecco, Cartizze is the most expensive vineyard in the world at €2.5 million per hectare.

Which of Bisol’s Prosecco are you most proud of?

This is a good question, I’m proud of all my sons! In the last 20 years there was a lot of research in the vineyard for us and also the winery. My brother, Desiderio, brought a lot of experimentation in the vineyard and the winery. We’re very proud of two of these very unique experiments. One is a Prosecco we produce without the use of sulphites. It’s very good and very different, and wonderful with fish. The other one is the Priva Cartizze, a classic method sparkling from Cartizze. With this Cartizze, we produce only 300 bottles with the best grapes of Cartizze, fermented in bottle and aged for 11 months, which brings a lot of flavour.

When you drink Prosecco, do you have it by itself or with food?

Ah yes, this is the secret to Prosecco’s success. You can have it by itself or with food. With the Jeio Brut, for example, I drink it with lunch. Every time you drink it you refresh your palate.

Where do you see the future of Bisol in the next 2 years?

I’d like to create more culture around Prosecco. For sure we’ll carry on with the brands that we created for the market, like Vaporetto and Jeio. We can give the best answer to the market, but my dream is to create a widespread awareness of the high-quality Prosecco we can create. Don’t forget we are the oldest winery in the area. We are a family well-known for the quality. We have to underline the best version of Prosecco we can do is the best on the market.


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11th December 2014

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