Bisceglia Aglianico del Vulture Terra di Vulcano (Basilicata, Italy)

Bisceglia Aglianico del Vulture Terra di Vulcano

I used to drink a lot of this wine a few years back. For a while, it was my house red, an ever-reliable stand by for a midweek bowl of pasta or a trip to a pal’s for dinner.

Then for some reason, I stopped drinking it. No doubt, something else caught my wandering eye, something newer and (temporarily) more exciting. It’s time to start drinking it again.

The name isn’t the easiest to decode if you aren’t a keen student of Italian wines.

‘Aglianico’ is the grape. It is one of Italy’s most interesting indigenous varieties: tannic, perfumed and full of freshness. Some call it the ‘Nebbiolo of the South’.

‘Vulture’ refers to Mount Vulture, the conical lava pit that overlooks the vineyards of the Basilicata region.Mount Vulture has provided the dark soils that give this wine its sub-brand: ‘Terra di Vulcano’ or Volcanic Earth.

Bisceglia Aglianico del Vulture Terra di Vulcano‘Bisceglia’ is the name of the winery and the surname of Mario Bisceglia, the man who has invested his millions in trying to raise the profile of his home region.

Mario is from Lavello, a poor but beautiful hilltown that was once home to Horace – he of ‘nunc est bibendum’ fame and the man indirectly responsible for the name of this company.

Get past the label, and the screwcap, the liquid is a deep, dark ruby. The nose is full of dried rose petals, plum sauce and sweet spices. The palate is juicy and fresh with a bite of chunky tannins and mouth-watering acidity. The cherry fruit has a bitter-sweet edge.

On its own it is simple but delicious, with olive oil, garlic and some hard pecorino alongside it absolutely sings. Throw in a spicy, fennel-scented sausage or two and you will have a feast.

Gareth Groves
22nd September 2011

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